Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Socks Are My Nemisis

I'm joining Shannon's Works For Me Wednesday with 2 tips on sorting the dreaded socks.

I personally hate sorting socks. They tend to just pile up on our dryer. The kids have actually started checking the dryer first for socks rather than their dresser drawers.

However, I have finally found a method that helps. I made a box for the top of our dryer that has 5 compartments and labeled each compartment for a member of our family. As the socks come out of the dryer, I just throw them in the right section. When and if I feel like it, I match them up. Otherwise the kids just get a pair out of their compartment. That's what generally happens. However, now they don't throw socks all over the laundry room floor looking for their socks. It Works For ME!

My second tip for socks comes from my childhood friend and the God mother of my children. She and her husband number the pairs of all the socks in their family. Each person's socks are numbered in a different place. Alex's are numbered in the bottom; David's are numbered on the toes, etc. Then her husband, who likes to match socks, matches up the pairs.

I should point out that they are a much more organized and on top of all chores type of family. I really don't think the socks just accumulate on the top of their dryer. But it works for them!


April said...

I hate doing socks too! This sure will be handy.

Christa said...

I wrote about a similar topic today. Check it out:

But good idea. I like not having to match them up immediately. ;)

peppylady said...

Great Tip. My mother in law say she never have mismatch socks.
Last day of the month I gather up all the socks and wash ever one that I find and sooner after my sock population grows

Laane said...

Oh socks!!

I try and buy the same ones.
Works for us.

Ginny said...

I love the idea of the drawers. I am terrible with matching socks & it is a joke in the family about how many unmatched socks I have, lol. I'm going to try something like this!

Kelly said...

My girls and I are all wearing almost the exact size shoe (7.5, 8, 8.5...I'm the one in the middle) so, of course, our socks are all the same size. We now have two baskets in my closet for girl socks; one for white socks, one for colored socks. Daddy gets his delivered to his drawers. There is also another basket for the millions of mismatched socks. I sort it when we have pretty much run out of socks, or my mom sorts it when she visits....whichever comes first!

I hate socks too!