Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When You're Out of Creamer

Here's my ridiculous Works For Me Wednesday tip today. Be sure to click over Rocks In My Dryer to see all the other great tips. Thanks to Shannon for hosting each week.

Prepare to be amazed by my tip.

I have grown to like coffee in the last few years. However, a good friend of mine explained to me that I don't really drink coffee; I drink hot coffee ice cream. I would have to agree with that diagnosis.

Therefore, I love a good amount of flavored creamer in my coffee. I also prefer flavored coffee. Hazelnut and Southern Pecan are my current favorites.

So, what do you do when you're at a friend's house who drinks coffee straight and strong. Even though I drink my coffee all foo-fooed, I definitely need a cup or three to start putting coherent sentences together and have patience for life in general. I came up with a ridiculously high calorie solution.

First, pour in an envelope of hot chocolate mix. Add brutally strong friend-preferred coffee. Stir. Enjoy. Eat breakfast within an hour due to the shakes the combination of coffee and hot chocolate can induce. A little slice of ice cream sipping heaven.

I'm looking forward to having this much laughed at morning beverage at Lynne's house in two weeks. It'll make the 12 hour car drive worth it.


Mandi said...

You drink foo-foo coffee too!! I had never heard it called that until a friend of mine accused me of the same thing! That is so funny - I have done the cocoa thing too - where there's a will there's a way eh? ( : I also keep the dry powder creamer around for those desperate moments when I am out of the good stuff!

Blessings and many happy coffee mornings to you,

What Works For Us said...

I'm a coffeeaholic too and will have to remember this tip!! Thx!

Karen said...

lol...that is so funny - I've done that before in a pinch too! I LOVE it. :)

Laane said...

Oh dear!
I think I'm the friend with the strong coffe.
I like it strong and pure.

Nothing in it.

But when you ask at my house, you'll get something with a flavour.
I save the free packages I get at the supermarket for visitors.

When you come often, there's no need to ask.

Traci said...

This is how pitiful I am. I'm so desperate for cream and don't want to go to the store that I searched online for ideas!!!

I call myself a "coffee snob"...