Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Math Homework Help!

It's Backwards Day for Works For Me Wednesday. Head over t0 Rocks In My Dryer and offer more of your great advice when you finish with my little problem.

Here's my question or questions:

My 7th grader has a set of serious word problems once a week for homework. Last night they involved probability. I am embarrassed to say how long I and then my husband, the engineer, spent trying to figure out two of the problems. Meanwhile our son heckles us and comments about the impossibility of his math homework if even his parents can't do it. you know a great math homework web site. I'd love a great one to go to as I see this becoming year long torture.

Or if you know how to solve the following question, I'd really like to know the answer.

If a club consists of ten members, how many different arrangements of
president, vice president, and secretary are possible?


UKZoe said...

I think you do 10 * 9 * 8 because if you can choose any one of 10 for president, you can then choose any one of the other 9 for the next job and then any one of the other 8 for the final job.
But I'm not certain.

Kelly said...

If it is the same "fun" little math sheets (I know they had a name, but I have blocked it out) that we had last year in 7th grade, many of the problems are pretty much fact, in Alex's class, the math teacher didn't know how to solve some of them. We also found out, after a few long nights, that he didn't even care if you answered them, as long as you "tried." We quickly learned to take one run at them and then set it aside.

As I told you earlier, I just had "Algebra for Dummies" delivered to my house to help me with 8th grade Math homework. Lord help us!!