Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Organizing Kids Clothes

My Works for me Wednesday tip involves the nether world of your children's closets. You can check out other great tips at Rocks In My Dryer.

Children - they just keep growing. Which, as we all know, is a blessing and a curse. Thank God they grow out of eating dog food, drawing on the wall, and laying at the floor at your feet screaming while you cook dinner. But then you miss all the cute things they did and said. Add on top of that, every time you turn around there's something else they've out grown. We all know it can take an entire, very long afternoon to have them retry clothes to see what fits.

My WFMW tip solves at least part of that problem. I place a large shopping bag in each of my children's closets. As my children put on clothes that no longer fit, off they go and into the bag. When the bag fills up, I take it to the local Goodwill. I have a separate bag for things we give to our cousins.

This tip is actually saving me a lot of work today. I received a phone call from the American Veterans Saturday afternoon asking if I would donate any household items or clothing the following Wednesday. I said, "Sure, I'd love to!"

Guess what? I haven't had time to sort through any household items. I haven't even put away the two baskets of clean laundry and let's not talk about the pile of mail and papers on the counter. However, I do have three mostly full bags from my kids closets. I've also got a few household items I sat in the garage earlier this summer. Voila, Howdy dowdy, abracadabra, donation is made.


Family O'Foxes said...

great idea to have it in their closet. those "bags" sit in my bedroom. my 8 year old doesn't want to get rid of her clothes so she would freak if she saw it in a give away bag. :)

SAHMmy Says said...

Great idea! My donations box is on the highest shelf after a favorite toy went missing. Pretty sure it got shipped off with the Salvation Army! Check your bags and boxes before they go :)

Kathy in WA said...

I need to do something like this. The clothes fill the drawers (those that fit and those that don't) until everything is spilling over into a big mess.

Thanks for the tip. :)

Duckabush Blog

stacey said...

great idea!

Mrs. Brownstone said...

What a great idea to keep the bags in the closet! Our give-away bags are currently under the dining room table and visible to anyone that walks through the front door.

This is a great tip - thanks for sharing!

Becka said...

I do this too!

1stkidswholesale said...

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